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St Gregory'sCatholic Primary School

Working and Learning together with Jesus as one family

Catholic virtues

The development of the whole person is at the core of our educational mission and an education in virtues and opportunities for children to develop and be recognised for these virtues is embedded in our school life. 


These virtues are defined as 'Theological virtues' and 'Cardinal virtues' and are easily recognised as: 









Here at St Gregory's, we explore virtues as the good habits that help people in their pursuit of a virtuous life. Virtues are introduced and discussed during assembly and connections are made to the scriptures and current school events. Virtues are also explored in our RE Curriculum, and pupils examine saints and inspiring people for the virtues they demonstrate. 


The virtue of Justice 

During Anti-Bullying Week, children looked at how the virtue of justice can be applied to help guide our actions and behaviour in order to stop bullying and defend those who are vulnerable. 


The virtue of Charity

Children explored the virtue of Charity and the gospel imperative to share what we have with those in need. Ian from Acton Homeless Concern, who came to the school to receive the donations was also recognised for showing Charity by donating his time, volunteering to support the charity.