Religious Education

Welcome to our Religious Education page.

St Gregory’s is located in the Diocese of Westminster in the Parish of Ealing.

As a Catholic School, Religious Education is central to everything that we do. Our Catholic faith influences all aspects of school life which strives to follow the Gospel values of love, justice, forgiveness and concern for others.

We work with parents to educate children in the Christian way of life and to create a community of faith in which worship within the Roman Catholic tradition is appropriate, possible and wholly acceptable. As part of the Catholic education offered at St Gregory’s we teach children to:

• participate actively in liturgy
• be able and willing to pray
• rely on a distinctive morality
• have a thoughtful understanding of scripture
• have a thoughtful understanding of church teaching
• have experienced being part of a church community
• translate faith into Christian action
• understand themselves in relation to others and to God

Religious Education currently follows the "Margaret Carswell" programme. RE is planned and taught separately from the rest of the curriculum. Cross curricular links are made as appropriate and build on the children's existing experience in the home, parish and wider community. Religious Education is in essence a faith education but we acknowledge the content of the Local Authority's agreed syllabus on religious education and incorporate knowledge of world faiths in our programme- Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism.

During the course of the year each class presents a Class Assembly to parents where Jesus is at the heart of the Assembly. Each class in KS2 prepares and celebrates a Class Mass and parents are invited. All children in KS2 also celebrate a Mass every Friday at Ealing Abbey and on other special occasions. Y3 has a Mass to celebrate their First Holy Communion. During Lent and Advent every child in Years 4, 5 and 6 has the opportunity to make Reconcilitation if he/she wishes.

Each Class in KS1 and EYFS celebrates a Class Liturgy. Every child in the school has the opportunity to prepare and lead a Class Worship at least twice a year. Our Reception and Year 2 classes perform a Nativity Play for Parents, KS2 holds a Carol Service at Ealing Abbey and Year 1 perform a play based on the Easter Story.

During the Year we also have weekly collections for Hosanna House and Children’s pilgrimage Trust (HCPT) at Abbey Mass; collect food donations for Emmaus House- Acton Homeless- during Lent and Harvest time; raise money for Catholic Children’s Society (Westminster) during Lent; and collect money after any productions for a Charity that is chosen each year by the children.

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