We would like to thank our GOLD Sponsors for our Christmas Bonanza on Friday 1st December. Thank you Park Sports, Oxera, Snappy Snaps, St. Benedict's School and St. Augustine's School!

St Gregory'sCatholic Primary School

Working and Learning together with Jesus as one family

Year 6

Last week, our Year 6 students had a memorable RAF trip. This week, they had the opportunity to reflect on their experiences by dressing up and participating in engaging activities on our WWII Day. Students created fascinating Blitz silhouette skyline artwork that truly showcased their creativity and historical understanding. It's been lovely to see them immerse themselves in history and channel their learnings into such creative expressions.

In addition, we are delighted to announce that St. Gregory's Year 6 students excelled in the RE Online Deanery Quiz. Out of all the schools participating, our students finished an outstanding 2nd place! With over 1,000 children from various schools taking part, this achievement is a testament to their knowledge, teamwork, and commitment to their studies. Well done, Year 6!

In English, our students have been diligently working on their drafts and have begun the process of editing and publishing their Silver Sword narratives. These narratives are a reflection of their imagination, creativity, and writing skills. We're excited to see the final results and are confident they will be entertaining pieces of writing that express the pupils understanding of the topic.