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St Gregory'sCatholic Primary School

Working and Learning together with Jesus as one family



At St. Gregory’s School, we are committed to creating a calm, caring and stimulating learning environment to enable effective teaching and learning to take place.  The school actively promotes an ethos in which Christian values are respected. These values are addressed daily throughout school life in mass and assembly, by adults modelling and acknowledging good social behaviour and through positive relationships developed between members of our school community. 


Our school rules have been established by pupils through the work of the School Council:

  • Care for one another
  • Think of everybody as a friend
  • Always tell the truth
  • Care for the school and other people’s things
  • Help teachers by listening at all times
  • Always try your best
  • Wear your uniform with pride


We do not allow children to solve their problems by hurting another either physically or verbally.

Where a pupil presents with particularly challenging behaviour, parents will be invited to discuss the perceived difficulties, so that an appropriate course of action may be agreed.  Parents are expected to support the school, give a good example to their children and to abide by the school rules.


Bullying is an issue, which affects every school.  At St Gregory’s we recognise that we need to be alert to the possibility of bullying taking place.  All incidents of bullying are treated seriously and dealt with promptly.  Following bullying incidents, regular reviews and monitoring procedures are agreed - in partnership with parents -  to ensure that pupils feel safe and protected. Meetings with the Pastoral Support Worker and/or Head of Inclusion are provided for both victims and perpetrators.


Children are encouraged to think of others and the consequences of their actions.  Children are taught that forgiveness comes from true sorrow.  We emphasise reconciliation, as Jesus taught us.

Parents are asked to let the class teacher know in the first instance if their child appears to be unhappy or if there is a perceived change in behaviour which may suggest difficulties at school.

The school actively promotes anti-bullying principles through annual workshops, class circle time, assemblies and pastoral support programmes.