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St Gregory'sCatholic Primary School

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School Council

St. Gregory’s School Council


St. Gregory’s School Council is made up of a formal group of pupils (2 students from each class across the school) who act as representatives of their classmates to share the views of all pupils and help to think of ideas to improve the school.


Our school council representatives have been elected through a democratic vote within their classes after presenting a speech about why they should be considered for school council and what changes they would like to implement in to the school. They discuss school issues, incentives and ideas for improvement at the School Council meetings that happen once every half term. It is a brilliant way of representing and contributing to Pupil Voice in our school, promoting child led initiatives and empowering our pupils to believe they are able to make a positive contribution and difference in our school and wider society. 


Our School Council help to make decisions about how the school is run and take  on projects that support pupils learning and development, such as organising charity events, representing the school at outside events or ensuring the school is environmentally friendly.


Our elected School Council representatives are:




Anastasia Lyons


Jude Kelly




Noah Cayford


Alicja Karnas




Gennaro  Della Gatta


Chiara Martin




Gabriella Goedjenian


George Broom




Rory Smith


Alegra Guha




Zoe Lock


Jude Thompson-Oakley 




Kaja Boron


Harry Lock




Edward Jeffs


Elsie May Lettis




Excel Etteh


Estella Thompson-Oakley 




Sebastian Kaczmarek


Jessica Lewandowska




Ellie Honan


Patrick Mackay




Max Lock


Elena Denezh