We would like to thank our GOLD Sponsors for our Christmas Bonanza on Friday 1st December. Thank you Park Sports, Oxera, Snappy Snaps, St. Benedict's School and St. Augustine's School!

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Netball competition at Ellen Wilkinson (October 2021)

On the last day of the half term, our A and B team travelled to Ellen Wilkinson to participate in another netball competition. We are pleased to announce that both the A and B team won their respective tournaments. We are so proud of them. Well done all of you.

Netball tournament at St. Augustine's (October 2021)

We took 3 teams of girls to St. Augustine's for a High 5 Netball Tournament.
The girls showed great sportsmanship and showed off their great netball skills. We are so proud of them and we look forward to the next competition. A special thank you to Mr Greig and Miss Tankaria for training us for the event.