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St Gregory'sCatholic Primary School

Working and Learning together with Jesus as one family

School Values & Ethos

Mission Statement


Working and learning together with Jesus as one family.

The principle aim of St Gregory's Catholic School is to create a Catholic Community, in which school, families and parish will work together, loving our faith, living our faith and learning our faith.


We aim: to create a happy, welcoming, caring environment based on mutual respect for all.


We aim: to be a school which offers every person the opportunity to be a unique, valued individual, sharing and developing belief in the teachings of Jesus, through our everyday relationships and dealings with each other.


We aim: to offer the children a broad, balanced, relevant Roman Catholic curriculum of the highest standard, which aims to develop their moral, cognitive, spiritual and physical needs and prepares them for responsibilities and experiences of adult life.


We aim: to develop the same spirit of care and generosity towards our multi-faith community as St Gregory, our patron, through prayer and living faith.


We aim: to strive to be a worshipping community within our families, parish and school, by celebrating meaningful and appropriate liturgy and ensuring prayer life is nourished, guided and developed.