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Visit the Family Area of the Ealing Abbey Parish website for more information on Sacraments, the Family podcast and Family Mass. 


Altar Servers

Would your child like to be an altar server at school mass? Contact Ms H Bunting for more information. 

First Holy Communion

Over the past months, many of our Y3 and Y4 pupils recently made their First Holy Communion in their parish. We celebrated this special Sacrament with a special Corpus Christi mass to  commemorate the Body and Blood of Jesus. We congratulate our pupils on making this special step in their faith journey. Our Y2 pupils joined us for the mass in preparation for their own journey ahead. Y3 pupils handed over a single flower to our Y2 pupils to mark the passing on of the faith. 



Altar Servers 

14 pupils from years 3 - 6 participated in the altar server training with Deacon Alex, to prepare them for the liturgical ministry of altar service. We look forward to expanding the team of altar servers at Friday mass. 



The Three Kings procession

On Sunday we joined 9 of the Catholic Primary schools in Ealing Deanery together with the Polish Catholic community to celebrate and retell the story of the Epiphany. Children from each school came together dressed as kings in blue, red and green to attend to the three Magi - Casper, Melchior and Balthasar.

We gathered at Christ the Saviour Parish Church in Ealing Broadway and then walked in procession, following the star and the Magi all the way to Ealing Abbey singing Christmas carols in English and Polish as we walked. When we reached the Abbey we gathered around the Magi for some prayers and they then laid their gifts in front of the manger. Imagine our surprise when we found a real baby in the manger!




Stations of the Nativity 

Our RE Ambassadors recorded the Stations of Advent for the Ealing Abbey Stations of the Nativity project. The stations provide a way to journey towards the birth of Jesus with some special reflections. We stop to think at each station and pray about an event leading up to the birth of Jesus. Each station begins with a prayer and a scripture reading, followed by a reflection and a message to take away, as a help to prepare during Advent for the coming of Christ at Christmas.  You can also visit the Ealing Abbey website to listen to the family podcast, which explores readings from mass each week.



Zechariah & Elizabeth - The 1st Station of the Nativity

This video marks a very special journey towards Christmas. It is a chance to stop and pray for a few minutes to help our soul to get ready for the arrival of baby Jesus. Today we are spending time with Zechariah. Zechariah is going to have a visit from someone very special and this person has some amazing news.

Mary and the Angel Gabriel - The Second Station of the Nativity

Holy Mary visits Elizabeth - The Third Station of the Nativity

We are back with our Third Station of the Nativity. Today Mary goes to visit Elizabeth. In our last video Mary heard the amazing news that she is pregnant with Jesus and that her cousin Elizabeth is pregnant. Mary immediately goes to visit and help Elizabeth.

The Birth of John the Baptist - The Fourth Station of the Nativity

We are back with our fourth station of the Nativity and this time we are reflecting on the Birth of John the Baptist. John makes the way for the coming of Jesus. We hear today about the birth of John and how his parents Elizabeth and Zechariah insist that the baby's name must be John because that is what the Angel told them to name the baby.

Joseph's Dream - The Fifth Station of the Nativity

Today we prepare for the Birth of Jesus at Christmas by spending some time with the account of Joseph's Dream. In this wonderful story we hear how God comforts and reassures Joseph of God's plan. Let's place our trust in God and His plan for us this Christmas and in our lives.

The Birth of Jesus - The Sixth Station of the Nativity

Today we spend some time in prayer on our journey to Jesus' birth at Christmas by reflecting on the Birth of Jesus. Mary and Joseph have to travel to Bethlehem.

Angels visit the Shepherds - The Seventh Station of the Nativity

In this Station of the Nativity the Shepherds are watching their sheep when they receive the most amazing visitors. Watch the video to find out who.


Local iconographer and parent, Mrs Studnik visited the school to give a workshop on Iconography. Pupils learnt about the process of 'writing an icon' and created some of their own masterpieces. In the Orthodox Christian tradition, icons are said to be written, not painted. The Orthodox consider making icons more a form of prayer than art; the iconographer's hand is guided by God.